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Hello, I’m Nikke Blout welcome to my website. With more than 15 years of  Global Marketing & Communications and Brand Building experience working with top brands in global agencies and corporations, I’m passionate about bringing new innovations to market and creating successfully sought-after brands. When it comes to engaging audiences, it doesn’t stop there; I am a professional drummer and live for delivering a powerful performance that moves people. Thanks for visiting and remember one thing — do more of what makes you happy!


“When you enchant people, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but rather to fill them with great delight.” ~ Guy Kawasaki

Brand Building.

Helping companies to secure their positioning and competitive edge with brand building, revenue-based marketing strategies and loyalty programs.

Communications Strategy.

Specializing in B2B global brand strategy and cross-cultural marketing communications with fluency in English (native) and German.

Modern Marketing.

Employing digital technologies & traditional methods to reach prospects, convert into customers and retain them with the goal to build brands, instill preference and boost sales.




What is a "communications architect" you ask? Someone with a passion and drive to understand the customer's journey, can make a company's positioning within the competitive landscape definitively clear, and enable brands to connect with people emotionally while ensuring service-excellence design for remarkable customer experiences.

And "orchestrated marketing" means having a love for working with the dynamics of people, projects and digital technologies, and combing them to create revenue-driven processes that streamline results. To me, it's like a sweet symphony or poetry always in motion. 😉

Originally from Orange County, California and with more than fifteen years experience working bilingually in international B2B and B2C companies based in Europe and the US, I'm drawn to global and local brand engagement challenges as well as crafting marketing strategies and campaigns that drive engagement and ROI.

My work

Adam Hall Group

2015 - present

Global Marketing Director
Planning & direction of strategic branding & marketing activities. Team management.
Situated in a loft environment with its own production studio, Adam Hall Group’s in-house marketing department feels quite like a full-service agency with a motivated team of marketing communications, creative services and web/digital services professionals. From creation to engagement to analytics, it’s a best-in-class marketing team working together to design and implement multilingual global campaigns while maintaining a continuous dialog with both business-customers and end-consumers alike across countless traditional and digital touchpoints.


And no matter where our customers choose to interact with our brands and solutions, we have the expertise within the marketing department to ensure customers can access information, connect, shop and share. Such marketing specialties include brand management, PR & social media, digital marketing, e-commerce marketing, event marketing, sales enablement, media planning, campaign management, creative services and marketing performance measurement.


• Planning & leadership of Marketing Department ensuring appropriate structures, systems and competencies are developed, implemented and managed.
• Responsible for strategic marketing planning, including brand management, digital marketing, e-commerce marketing, B2B campaigns, consumer demand-generation campaigns, trade fairs & events, inbound content marketing and public relations.
• Overall control of the marketing budget.
• Guiding day-to-day marketing activities and ensuring communications objectives are implemented by the marketing team.
• Working closely with CEO, COO, CIO and Product Management to define marketing strategies for new and existing brands and products.
• Working closely with Sales Teams to enable achievement of commercial objectives by providing appropriate tools, materials and presentations.


Whether it’s engaging B2B-customers across key industry segments, or inspiring end-consumers throughout a diverse portfolio of brands, the marketing team is passionate about making the world a brighter place through promoting event technology solutions — from sound and light technologies to stage equipment and hardware for flightcases.

Brand2Love Marketing

2015 - present

Brand Building | Demand Driving | Digital Marketing
Don't just grow your business, build a brand people love!
Helping technology start-ups to strategically build brands people can love and to continuously connect through customer-relevant communications.

Helping you boost your
+ Market Strategy
+ Brand Building
+ Digital Marketing
+ Customer Advocacy

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“Music speaks what cannot be expressed. Soothes the mind and gives it rest. Heals the heart and makes it whole. Flows from Heaven into the soul.” ~ unknown

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Revolution Eve – Official Video “The Hive”

Revolution Eve – Official Video “The Hive”

Castle Drum Solo

Castle Drum Solo

Revolution Eve – Album “Pandora”

Revolution Eve – Album “Pandora”

4N-Matter Drum Solo

4N-Matter Drum Solo

Revolution Eve – Official Video “Arise”

Revolution Eve – Official Video “Arise”



Let’s rock!

If you’re looking to book an on-fire all-female rock band ;-), check out the official Revolution Eve website and let’s talk!

Revolution Eve (official site)


“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” ~ Dr. Suess

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